Please read the below policy & guidelines so that all professional matters may be laid out clearly prior to beginning our work together.

Terms & Conditions

  • At the start of the project, clients must review the proposal carefully. As it is critical in terms of determining the direction of the project.
  • As the client, you agree to send over all content such as text, images, and information as needed.
  • The client will pay a 50% downpayment to confirm the project start, which also indicates that the client has read and agrees to my working process. The remaining balance will be due when the site / project is ready and installed on your hosting portal.
  • In the future if the client wishes to add pages, or templates, or even new functionality, the client will be charged depending on the amount of work involved.

Design & Privacy Policies

  • As the client, you agree to thoroughly review the designs, provide feedback, and sign-off/give approval in a timely manner.
  • Graphic related projects such as brand logo, will be presented with two variations. And the client can select one of them which they prefer – which can be customised if needed further for the final output.
  • All websites are responsive and adaptable on all devices and browsers. The layout on smaller devices sometimes may differ from the desktop due to its adaptability and suitability depending on the layout of the design on different screen sizes.
  • Custom-designed mobile websites are available at prevailing rates.
  • Every website is designed keeping in alignment with google algorithms and basic SEO pointers to ensure a website’s visibility and compatibility & have future potential for an upgrade without hassles.
  • Once you, the client, give your approval on a design, the design is considered Final.
  • Using or copying any design is strictly prohibited. All the designs are custom designed & copyrighted; cannot be used without permission.