Hello I am Sarah. I love creating. A Humanist by Religion, Graphic Designer by Passion. My life orbits around Design , Art & Photography. Wouldn’t it feel good when your work felt effortless? Once you realize what you enjoy & love doing, just go for it. It’s your calling. Like a natural extension of who you are.



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2012 to Present

Graphic Designer

Web Designing, Logo, Business Card, Stationary, Music Artwork, Event Brochures and more...

2014 to Present


The MuseFuse

Fine Arts , Mix Medium Artist : www.themusefuse.com

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The mind, body and soul have deep connection …

The mind, body and soul have deep connection to each other. It's like a cycle. So what you think, you speak, what you speak, create vibrations. What you vibrate , attract and which creates your reality. So fuck your ego and wake up! See what you are doing & make a change if needed! You can have a great life if you want to! ?

Forgiveness is Freedom …

When you forgive, the heavy burden in your mind is automatically released. When you forgive, you can move on. When you forgive, you can love again. When you forgive, you learn. Forgiveness is Freedom. It doesn't mean you forget the lesson but keep going ✨

Most things in our life is based on our perspective …

Most things in our life is based on our perspective. How we react, act, talk etc. So when it feels as if everything is falling apart. We usually say 'Shit Happens' to comfort ourselves or others ... But in that moment a change, a shift & a transformation is taking place that we do not see yet. So yea when 'Shit Happens' it's ' Shift Happening'. The path to your breakthrough.

Who You Are and …

No matter how good you are, you will be judged. Especially not where you start but where you end. Therefore, keep going and make sure you effing prove them wrong by your success!

Breathe in Kindness …

There is one thing that can light your life, it's called Kindness. It brings peace within you. It brings joy for helping and doing good for the other. It brings you good! Breathe Kindness and let out Bitterness. See the magic as you see your soul dance ?

A little bit of flexibility …

Sometimes we are so stuck with our own beliefs, that we lose out on greater possibilities. It's important to open your mind to see the great things that can enter our lives!

Have long term goals …

Have strong longterm goals, so that small failures don't affect your progress. As failure is just a step & not a stop to success. Keep moving forward!

Teamwork makes the dream …

The power of two is impeccable. When two minds with utmost passion, hardwork & commitment come together there is nothing that can stop you from attaining success. Get your grind mode on!

Hard work puts you …

Work Hard, hustle everyday and see how life transforms. You will reap all the rewards of your efforts and then hear others say 'Oh you are so lucky'.

There’s no need to rush …

No matter how much you try or want, what's meant for you will come to you only at that right moment. And that moment all the powers of the universe will come together & make it possible. The secret is to not force or over stress, but let the natural happen. Trust the timing, till then keep working hard.

Have good thoughts …

Think of what can go right in every situation that is put forth you. Even though things may not look that great, focus and look at the possibility of the good happening. Your face is a reflection of your thoughts. Think good. Shine ✨?✨

The better we become …

The goodness within you shines outside of you. Sometimes we need to make changes within ourselves to experience a change in our life. Don't let your ego stop you from becoming a better person. It is never too late ?

When you refuse to …

Embrace & accept the challenges as fuel to motivate yourself to push further. Focus on your goal & success is yours!

Good Things are on …

What the mind can imagine is very powerful to what can happen. So just believe that only good things are going to happen even if it may not be exactly as what you want. Trust the Universe!

What you do with …

How you spend your time, impacts on how you spend your money. If you waste your time, you are mostly intended to waste your money. Think about it.

Give more than you take …

It's just not about give & take. It's about give, give and give. It does not mean the materialistic aspect in life. It's love, support, care that is above all. The more of what you give is ultimately what you will attract ... Just like Love.